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Nutritional Information Demystified
A list compiled from around the web about nutritional values of various fruits, vegetables, dairy products, proteins, grains and sweets.

Healthy Eating in an Imperfect World
To make it easy for aspiring healthy eaters, WebMD has put together a list of common obstacles that get in the way of good nutrition, and asked the experts for some advice on how to overcome these road blocks.

Quick and healthy snacks for kids
Kids need so much energy while they're growing up that they often can't get enough from three square meals. Instead of fretting, encourage your child to choose the most nutritious snacks.

Making snacks count for good health
A common myth is that snacks get in the way of good nutrition. In truth, carefully selected snacks can promote good health.

Here's our list of favorite nuts, ranked by their nutrient density. These varieties contain the most protein, fiber, B-vitamins, calcium, minerals, and vitamin E for the least amount of saturated fat...

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